Why should you attend Lean Startup Machine?


Lean Startup Machine is neither a Hackathon nor just a startup event but a workshop where you test your idea, like how you tastefood before eating it, to check if it works for you or not. It is neither a weekend hangout nor a weekend workshop but an experience which you will remember for whole of your entrepreneurial journey.

I have come across many startup enthusiasts attending startup and entrepreneurial events where all the intellectual talk about startup ecosystem, personal life journey of entrepreneurs etc are told. I strongly feel that an aspiring entrepreneur needs the knowledge to build a product and have the skill-set to pivot ideas more than knowing about the startup ecosystems.

Attending workshops and events are easy. All you need to do is buy a ticket and suit up. But being a participant at LSM is challenging as every minute passes, buying a ticket is easy of course (Just one click away). But here you have timelines to finish, targets to reach, team to manage, guidance to take from some super cool mentors and above all that, you get to listen to some of the greatest entrepreneurs that we have in the city.

The best part of the workshop is “Getting Out Of The Building”. The real challenge here would be to sell the idea to customers without even building the product. If you are able to do that, you have a billion dollar idea in hand. Many startups fail because they don’t build what the customer wants but build what they like and are excited about.  Lean Startup suggests the testing of what you are excited about to see if customers are excited as well.

The meal conversations you have with close to 90 passionate entrepreneurs, innovators and mentors around you for three days, is the best feeling you ever are going to get. This could be THE place where you meet your Co-Founder or also the first employees for your startup.

Quick introduction to the process:

The process promotes a problem-centric approach to business ideation. By continuously validating and invalidating assumptions, teams are forced to pivot their solution (and even problem) toward a true customer pain; rather than creating a solution and after-the-fact seeking customers with a problem.

The event culminates with each team pitching its new solutions and its experience using the process. In this competition the winning team is not selected based on who has the best idea, but instead on which team honors the process and gains the most insights through its pivots.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is ready to startup?
Then you know why you should be here.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea but reluctant to startup?
This is the place for you to decide what to do with your idea. It gives the best possible insights on building an idea to acquiring your customer with the help of some great mentors and speakers.

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with no idea but would want to startup someday? 
Hustle around, join a team, get first time hands on experience in talking to random people on city roads, interact with as many people as you can and take back a bagful of insights on MVP (Minimum Viable Product) building. If you are someone who wants to experience the true spirit of entrepreneurial essence, I am sure you will enjoy this the most. I entered LSM, 2013 with no idea in hand and still made the best of it.


PS: The mentors list will keep getting updated till LSM starts.

See you at the event 🙂

– Govind


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